Classes and Grading Scale

Pre-Kindergarten thru 1st Grade – Teresa Jones – Teacher | Emilee Godwin – Assistant

Learning Center – Grades 2-12 – Tammy Emanuel – Teacher | Cornelia Smith – Assistant

Media Center – Lynn Godwin – Media Specialist


Grading Scale:

The grading scale of Faith Education Academy is designed to give parents a true indication of the student’s progress or lack thereof. Progress reports are issued every nine weeks for all grades (pre-k -12).

A          Superior       93%-100%

B      Above Average  85%-92%

C             Average       79%-84%

D    Below Average     70%-78%

F       Failing       69% and Below

Every student is required to complete a minimum of 60 PACE’s each year. 12 per math, English, Social Studies, Science, and Word Building. High school students may be required to complete more PACES. K-5 Students may complete fewer PACES. Students with an I.E.P. will complete the PACES required at their level.

A $5.00 fee will be charged for a duplicate report card. Progress Report Cards and Transcripts will not be released to another school or released to a parent until the parent’s account is cleared of the remaining balance.

High School Transcripts: One “FREE” transcript per student, additional transcripts will be $5.00 each.

Kindergarten: Students enrolling must be 5 years of age before October 31st of the school year. Pre-Kindergarten students ages 3 and 4 must be completely potty trained.

Learning Center Rules:

A student is not permitted to communicate or be out of his/her office without permission. He/She should not turn sideways ore around in their office or lean back in their chair.

Activities not related to prescribed materials will not be conducted in an office unless privileges have been earned.

The christian flag is raised for a supervisor’s guidance in academic difficulties. The American Flag is raised for assistance in non-academic activities. Personal questions should be asked at break time. Flags that are broken will be $5.00 each. A bill will be sent home to the parents.

Students shall only use language that will glorify the LORD>

All students should keep hand off of other students.

Students should not sit or touch other student’s offices. Students should also not touch Learning Center files.

Students should remain in supervisors sight at all times!


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